It is not possible. Reservation must be arranged days before access through telephone or WhatsApp +569 50018669, providing the information asked in reservation form and paying in advance through bank transfer.
Yes. La Canabina is opened all year round, including weekends and holidays, but they reserve the right to close certain days due to events of force majeure
Entrance is at 7 AM until 6 PM in winter and from 7 AM to 8 PM in summer, from Monday to Sunday.
Paved road ends close to La Canabina entrance gate. From there there is a 1 km unpaved road to reach reception office, road conditions depend on weather conditions (rain and snow can make driving more difficult). Although most vehicles can transit it when it is dry, we suggest driving high cars, preferentially four-wheel drive.
Stop your car just at the end of the paved road. Call us to telephone numbers provided after your reservation. After receiving your phone call the gate will be opened. Road has natural curves, you must drive straight ahead without any deviation in side entrances. Ignore signposts which may make reference to other places, drive straight ahead until you see a small signpost on the left hand which says La Canabina. Go ahead and you will arrive.
Fishing season begins the third week of November and ends the first Sunday in May. Requirements are having an updated fishing license, know in force regulations and respect them. Fishermen who come alone can make maximum 6 reservations during the season: fishermen coming as a group maximum twice each season.
Wild fauna is threatened due to domestic animals, since feaces can transmit parasites, the smell from their urine can dispel them and its presence frighten and chase away and even transmit diseases. Remember this is a wild environment and native species habitat. Thank you for understanding.
In order to camp in the foothills, ask directly for areas in which is allowed. If your final destination is the range, ask in advance which places are allowed.
Water is not drinkable. Nevertheless, is clean water from melted ice and can be drunk. Always bring a plastic bottle for refill. Remember not contaminating this valuable resource.
A wrong handling of fire may cause conflagration. Smoke from the campfire is not welcome in a pure air and clear sky environment. Besides campfires leaves an ugly scar in wild environments. In case you want to cook take a gas camping stove or something similar. Given low temperatures consider wearing suitable clothing. Thank you for understanding.
Walkers who enter without guide have just one trail available. It is about 8 kms long and get to the foothill. Afterwards there is a not well marked trail which enters into Las Hualtatas gorge. Access to any other area without marked trails is not allowed
A lot. Consider wearing trekking shoes.
Check weather: wear layers (do not disdain low temperatures in mountain); protect from the sun and solar radiation all year round (wear hat, sunglasses and sunscreen). Take a flashlight and first aid kit with you in case of emergencies. Be careful and do not expose to unnecessary risks.
Bikers can leave their bikes at reception office and keep on walking. In the future we are expecting to create a bike trail.
No. take you garbage with you at home and organize it in an appropriate way, even food remains. We would be glad if you can pick garbage you may find during your journey, help us keeping this place clean.
Wild animals can find it, even if you dig it and when they eat it, they may get sick. Food remains encourage presence of rodents. Small acts end affecting ecosystem balance, besides changing ground composition, there are a lot of examples in Chile and the world. Pleas be careful and take trash bags with you.
Contact and make reservations at +569 50018669

They are neither rules nor regulations. They are 7 principles which provide appropriate alternatives for taking the best decision and in each environment in order to keep natural areas you visit.

  1. Plan and prepare your trip in advance.
  2. Travel and camp in resistant surfaces.
  3. Take care from your garbage appropriately.
  4. Respect wild fauna.
  5. Reduce the impact of campfires.
  6. Leave what you find.
  7. Respect other visitors
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