Located at San Francisco/La Canabina gorge, with years living in such territory, Por la Ruta de los Dioses began with the aim of making public this heritage in a dynamic and fun way, sharing responsibility in order to protect such a valuable environment.


Our enthusiastic heart is well disposed -based on an environmental ethic- knows the way in this time of crisis is educating in order to protect. These attributes help us continue with our vision as an organization and all the areas in which we develop.

That is why our main perspective is focused on education – as an essential foundation in our recreational activities – taking advantage of a relaxed and ludic environment provided by nature, since knowledge is relevant in order to respect, love and take care from environment, allowing this to be part from the future generations.


Our vision is to become a special interests tourism company known in national and international markets as a reference in terms of quality in sustainable tourism. Transforming us into an example for the community, integrating our principles and protection values and management from the environment in which we develop our activities.


Understanding the difficult task of making compatible the impact that people cause in wild environments and their conservation, we propose ourselves the mission of making our customers to connect with nature in a responsible way, providing services such as camping, workshops and outdoor activities through a sustainable use, integrating the necessary measures to help in fulfillment of our aims in terms of preservation, education and a healthy recreation. Based on demanding regulations regarding environmental protection.

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