8 hours

From 16 years old

Fall / winter / spring

Medium / High

$25.000 CLP


Mocoen is an emblematic hill in Aconcagua since from the summit you will have a breathtaking view from the whole valley. Ideal for beginning mountain climbing since it has a low technical demand without devaluating the physical effort which implies reaching its summit which is 2670 meters above sea level.

Journey ascends by its north face, and it is divided into three stages: a first flatland which penetrates up to the gorge base; ascent by the gorge to the second pass and the third stage allow us reaching the summit.

In Mapudungun Mocoen means “rounded being” or “rounded summit from where water runs” probably because of its rounded summit.


  • Season: Fall / winter / spring
  • Modality: Trekking and hiking
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium / High
  • Journey: 7 kms
  • Positive elevation: 1100 meters
  • Minimum: 4 people / Maximum: 10
  • Age: From 16 years old
  • Price: 25.000 CLP


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