8 hours

From 15 years old

All year round

Medium / low

$35.000 CLP


Most of the journey takes place in a hillside without a marked trail, searching for old mule drivers trails which constantly blurs in order to find a hidden gorge which sheltersa centenary native forest in which several native speciescoexist.

As a remnant of previous times, Drimys winteri grow and develop in the southwestside from the gorge, which given shadow and moisture keep a microclimate which allows this specie –which is now a days typical from the south of Chile – to keep on existing. Really high and some of them centenary, moves every visitor

Time to spend at the entrance of the forest will be short, we will rest barefooted over the forest ground receiving the therapeutical benefits from making contact with it (grounding). Afterwards we will walk along a well-markedmain trail.

Depending on the season there will be chances to take a bath at San Francisco River. Doubtlessly a different journey planned for those who enjoy the silence and appreciate spending time in wild areas.



  • Season: All year round
  • Modality: Trekking and hiking
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium / low
  • Journey: 9 kms
  • Positive elevation: 400 meters
  • Minimum: 4 people / Maximum: 8
  • Age: From 15 years old
  • Valor: desde 35.000 CLP
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